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My Journey - from 3000 steps a day to a 252,418 step trek across three counties

What’s this all about you may ask yourself? As a child, living in Norfolk I frequently walked sections of the Peddars Way, a famous Roman or perhaps pre-Roman road which runs from Holme-next-the-Sea, through my childhood home village of Little Massingham and onto Knettishall Heath, Suffolk. However, I had always been told it actually went all the way to Colchester in Essex. In my youth I quite often walked it, but there were occasions when it was because I was in some sort of trouble with my parents. I would usually be found escaping - with my dog and small suitcase - along this route, and when I was challenged, I’d climb into my father's car and be driven home. I think there was a strong element of Dick Whittington about me as I knew that if I walked for long enough, I would get to London. Seventy years on and having moved to Colchester, I was still fixated by this road and realised time was running out if I wanted to finally try to prove that the Peddars Way really did go all the

September 2020

Link to my research page Update October 2nd September 2020 At 10.30 am on the 22nd September we will be leaving Balkerne Gate, Colchester to walk to the Norfolk coast, some 90 miles. The High Steward of Colchester, Sir Bob Russell will be walking with us to the Suffolk border.   The most important thing about the event is that I will be raising much needed funds to help restore the roof of St Andrew's Church, Little Massingham, Norfolk. If you can help by donating, that would be wonderful. All details are shown below. It is almost a year since I first had the idea to undertake this charity walk. Originally this should have taken place in April, but because of Covid-19 it was put on hold. At long last I will be able to set off with my walking companion Rina Adams.  If you would like to join us as we walk sections of this route or if you need to contact me about anything else to do with the walk, please see the blogger contact link - top right of page. Once we begin our journey I wi